Boston University
    Academic Records (1998 - 2002)

Major: Computer Systems Engineering
Concentration: Hardware & Architecture


English Composition:
CAS EN103 Expository Composition I
CAS EN104 Expository Composition II

CAS AR230 Classical Archaeology
CAS CL213 Greek & Roman Mythology
CAS PH100 Introduction to Philosophy

Social Sciences:
CAS EC101 Introduction to Microeconomics
CAS EC102 Introduction to Macroeconomics

Natural Sciences:
CAS CH131 General Chemistry
CAS PY211 General Physics I
CAS PY212 General Physics II
CAS PY313 Modern Physics

Computer Sciences:
CAS CS113 Computer Science II / Intensive C++ Review

CAS MA123 Calculus I
CAS MA124 Calculus II
CAS MA142 Engineering Linear Algebra
CAS MA193 Engineering Discrete Mathematics
CAS MA225 Multivariate Calculus
CAS MA226 Differential Equations
CAS MA381 Elementary Probability

Engineering Core:
ENG EK100 Engineering Freshman Seminar
ENG EK125 Introduction to Engineering Computation
ENG EK130 Introduction to Engineering: Digital Image Processing
ENG EK130 Introduction to Engineering: AutoCAD Design Project
ENG EK301 Engineering Mechanics I
ENG EK307 Electric Circuit Theory

Computer Engineering Fundamentals:
ENG SC311 Introduction to Logic Designs
ENG SC312 Computer Organization
ENG SC330 Applied Algorithms & Data Structures
ENG SC410 Introduction to Electronics

Signals Processing:
ENG SC401 Signals & Systems
ENG SC416 Digital Signal Processing

Computer Systems Engineering:
ENG SC440 Operating Systems
ENG SC447 Software Design
ENG SC450 Microprocessors

Design Projects:
ENG SC463 Senior Design Project I
ENG SC464 Senior Design Project II

Software Systems:
ENG SC511 Software Systems Design
ENG SC712 Advanced Software Engineering

Hardware Systems:
ENG SC513 Computer Architecture
ENG SC571 VLSI Principles/Applications
ENG SC752 Computer Hardware Testing

Communication/Networking Systems:
ENG SC546 Computer Networks
ENG SC561 Error Control Codes
ENG SC700 Advance Topics: Internet Information Protocols

Graduate Design Project:
ENG SC910 Computer Engineering Project


Other Education / Experience:

Air Force JROTC, 1994 -1998
Model Rocketry Program, 1995
Young Eagle Flight Program, 1995
Massachusetts Pre-Engineering Program (MassPEP), 1996 - 1998
Biotechnology Lecture Series, Whitehead Institute / MIT, 1996
Human Genome Project / Lecture Series, Whitehead Institute / MIT, 1997