By Svetlana Kotchenova, Can Le, & Jason Chu


  The Project: Multicast Routing on the Internet

Boston University

Computer Communications & Networks
ENG SC546 A1
Spring 2001

Professor David Starobinski

Project members:
   1.   Svetlana Kotchenova
   2.   Can Le
   3.   Jason Chu



In recent years, multicast transmission has become more and more popular. There are a lot of applications that require intra- or internetwork multicasting. Examples include video and audio sharing (video/audio conferencing, real time video distribution), network reconciliation (such as synchronization protocols), software update distribution, web caching (temporary storage of web objects such as HTML documents), web clustering, and resource discovery.

Reverse Path Multicasting is one of the most prevalent algorithms that are used today. The primary goal of this project has been to simulate a simplified version of the Reverse Path Multicasting technique in a network where both unicast and multicast forwarding are possible.