Awake v0.2 User's Guide

User's Guide in MS Word 2002 Format
User's Guide in PDF Format


About Awake:


User Interface:

The Time tab contains a digital clock displaying the current time.


The Calendar tab contains a monthly calendar.


The Options tab contains clock and alarm settings.



  • Time may be displayed in 12hr format or 24hr format
    • The 12hr format, or the AM/PM format, is the most widely used time format in the world.
    • The 24hr format is widely used among the scientific and technical personnel as well as the militaries because of its clarity. 
  • Calendar support browsing capabilities
  • Quiet alarm is available (no audio)




  • Jump to any day, month, or year with the browsing box.
  • Click on the “Today” button will bring you back to the current day.


Alarm Clock:


  • For better compatibility between the system time and the alarm time, switching between 24hr and 12hr time format will reset the alarm time.
  • Set the hour and minute for when the alarm should go off. (Don’t forget to click on the “Set Alarm!” button!)
  • To enable the alarm clock function, the “Alarm Enable” box must be checked.
  • If the “Mute” box is checked the audio alarm will be disabled.


Alert Dialog:

The Alert Dialog will pop up if the system time matches the alarm time. There will also be an audio alarm unless the mute option is selected.