3PM Player v0.4 User's Guide

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About 3PM:









User Interface:










  1. ID3 Information Panel – Display the title, artist, and album name of the MP3 file if provided by the ID3 tag.
  2. Playtime Display – Display the length of the MP3 file and the current playing position. The playtime progress bar allows users to seek to any position of the file.
  3. Audio Functions – Basic audio functions: Open, Play/Pause, Stop, Previous, Next.
  4. Volume Controls – Allows users to adjust or mute the volume.
  5. Playlist Controls – Allows users to edit, save, or load the current playlist.


Basic Audio Functions:

Open and play an MP3 file. This action will erase the current playlist.

Start or resume playing the current MP3 file.

Pause the current playing.

Stop the current playing.

Restart the current playing. If already at the start, play the previous playlist item.

Play the next playlist item.


More Audio Functions:

Volume Controls:

The user may mute or adjust the volume of the current playing by clicking on the increase button or the decrease button. Clicking directly on the progress bar will also adjust the volume accordingly. Mute option is available.

Seek Capability:

By clicking directly on the playtime’s progress bar, the user may seek to any position of the current MP3 file.


Playlist Functions:

The current MP3 file is displayed in blue in the playlist window. Users may change the current file by double-clicking on another file on the playlist.

Fileview – Display the filenames instead of the MP3s’ titles in the playlist window.

Repeat – Repeat playing all the songs on the current playlist.

Random – Randomly select a song to be played next.

Add a song to the current playlist.

Remove the selected item in the playlist window. (Playing will stop if the current file is removed.)

Reset the current playlist and stop the current playing.

Save the current playlist to a ‘JL3’ file.

Load a playlist from a ‘JL3’ file. This action will reset the current playlist.